Welcome to the AIL Canada Agents Errors & Omissions Insurance program website developed in partnership with BFL CANADA, your licensed insurance professionals.

This platform allows you to renew your coverage, apply for coverage and gives you access to your insurance documents at any time.

The E&O Policy is written on a Claims Made and Reported Basis

This website is for the exclusive use of Licensed Life and Accident & Sickness Agents of AIL Canada.

Participation is voluntary and is subject to the following Eligibility Criteria for enrollment:

Eligibility Criteria:

Coverage under the policy applies only while an Agent Agreement or Employment Contract is in effect between AIL Canada / American Income Life and a Licensed Life and / or Accident & Sickness Agent. Should the Agent Agreement or Employment Contract be cancelled, coverage granted by the policy will cease according to the policy terms and conditions.

Licensed employees of AIL Canada / American Income Life must maintain their active employment status.

Coverage is subject always to the Professional Services covered by the Policy, its terms, conditions and exclusions. The coverage you are about to apply for applies strictly to your Canadian licensed activities as a:

Licensed Life Agent;
Licensed Accident & Sickness Agent;
Financial Planner or Consultant, but only with respect to such Products as covered under the Policy.


To begin the insurance process, please tell us the nature of your requirement.

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